Hedcuts in July/August issue of WSJ. Magazine

"Soapbox" hedcuts:
Mark Burnett, Christina Applegate, Martin Creed, Mary-Lou Retton, Richard Branson and Ursula Burns

Hedcut of Elizabeth Banks for "The Download":


Wayne said...

Hi Noli,

I love your pen and ink work and your blog.

While looking for measurements at what size you work at, I just came upon one of your old hedcuts on eBay selling for $2,499.99! I thought you should feel very proud. ;-) !

Are you still doing your hedcuts at 3"x5" or have you gone up in size? I ask this as I'm attempting to do my own drawings in the wonderful "Noli" style. Can you divulge the actual size you most commonly work at?

Best to you.

Noli said...

Hi, eBay illustrations still make circles since the Journal held an auction of select drawings years ago. My sizes vary according to the usage. Thanks for your comment.