Josip Broz Tito

From the archives.
No particular reason for posting this, but going through my drawing archives it brought back memories of growing up in Tito's communist Yugoslavia. As a school child, I drew him many times and one of my collages was even presented to him as my school's gift during one of his birthday celebrations. Ironically, years later I get to draw him for the American "voice of capitalism", The Wall Street Journal! ;-))


olehere said...

Have you any idea what happened to your presented gift. It would be neat to know that he gave it a good home on a prestigous wall of his home or office. Does he yet have a library or some important equivalent?

Цецика Полак said...

Hahahah Tito,boy that sure brings out memories...You said you have lived in SFRJ?

kenny8blog said...

The great Evelyn Waugh used to insist that Tito was really a
female.Waugh served in Yugoslavia
during the war,in Intelligence,and
got close to the great he/she,so,
who knows.Try doing a gender change sketch of Josip`,please.

Noli said...

@olehere, lol, but no I don't think so. These were almost symbolic gifts that were supposed to be presented to him on his birthday ... from every school in the country. I doubt it ever gotten anywhere close to him personally.
@Cecika, yup. You?
@kenny, never heard that one before but there sure are many bizarre stories about him !