North Florida Landmarks

The following drawings were done for a 2007 ad campaign by a cool Jacksonville ad agency Robin Shepherd Group.
(Click each image for detail)

Jacksonville Skyline

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Jacksonville Beach Pier

Treaty Oak


Lou P. said...

Those are some great drawings! Your skills at creating stipple portraits are exceptional.

Camille said...

Jacksonville it my hometown. I was browsing the page and was surprised to see the monuments. They look very nice stippled, much better than photographed and lit with LED in store windows at the mall.

Stu said...

You have amazing skills, best I can do with dots is a dramatic elipsis :) have you ever done animals?

Melaysia said...

I could only say WOW! :-O You have a good hand, keep up the good work :)

erica said...

OMG... u r great